Clothing Store in South Carolina


A popular clothing store in South Carolina recently began to feel the effects of the current surge in inflation. Due to the events of the last two years, it’s been difficult for the shop to predict customer spending and know how much inventory to keep in stock. While the clothing store was experiencing strong spending from their customers for many months as the pandemic began winding down, many people have now begun to curb their spending due to rising prices on goods and gasoline. 

With retail sales expected to grow between 6% and 8% in 2022 according to the National Retail Federation, the clothing boutique wanted to be prepared for whatever is in store for them by securing a line of credit. This option gives the business continuous access to funds that they can use whenever they need them, and however they want. 

Arsenal Funding can provide your retail business with a line of credit to:

  • Expand or renovate your store
  • Purchase inventory
  • Cover unexpected expenses
  • Add ecommerce to your website
  • Manage seasonality or lulls in sales
  • Improve your cash flow
  • And more!

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